Anthroposophic Meditation for Beginners 4

Welcome and opening go-around

Reading of the Rudolf Steiner's text on the only truly completely free act

1. Concentration exercise - form thoughts on a pencil, 5 minutes, then sharing.
2. Concentration exercise -
a) hold the image of the pencil in your consciousness, 5 minutes, then sharing
b) remove the image of the pencil and be aware only of your concentration
c) remove the awareness of concentration
Then sharing


Thankfulness exercise - everyone looks at something they are grateful for and concentrates on that feeling, 5 minutes, then sharing

It thinks me (cosmic thinking) Feeling of devotion
It weaves me (cosmic soul) Feeling of thankfulness
It works me (cosmic spirit) Feeling of reverence

Then sharing.

Guided retrospective of the session - then sharing

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