Elizabeth Marshall

Born 1947 in England. I have lived for many years in Berlin. My spiritual quest led first to India, where I learnt about Yoga and Hinduism. My first serious practice was Buddhism: I became a student of Master Taisen Deshimaru and practiced Zazen for over ten years as a nun ordained by him. Then I encountered Anthroposophy, which has been my guiding star for 35 years. I cannot imagine a life without meditation.

Joachim von Grolman

Born in 1951 in Bonn. My spiritual search led me at the beginning of the 70s first to TM, where I had some interesting experiences. After having read Therese Schulte's book about TM I became so clearly aware of my own doubts about this Eastern method of meditation that I found my way to Anthroposophy. In 1987 I came to Berlin and have been active since then as a social therapist in Hiram Haus e.V., working with people suffering from addictions. I am a member of various reading groups and meditate regularly.

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